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Each year, the Academy offers one Chubb Postgraduate Fellowship to the alumni community. As an Academy graduate you are eligible for a fellowship for the entirety of your career. 



Graduates of the New York Academy of Art who have been out of school for one academic year or more are eligible for the Chubb Postgraduate Fellowship.



  • The Faculty Committee meets to discuss the work (ten images), and individual applications (including a statement of purpose) of all applying alumni.  The committee selects the top 3 alumni finalists.

  • The alumni finalists, and summaries of their strengths are forwarded to the President's Fellowship Selection Committee (President, Provost, one trustee, one Adjunct Faculty and one outside artist or critic).

  • The President's Fellowship Selection Committee tour each of the finalists’ studios.  For the alumni, this may have to be online if in-person tours are not feasible.

  • The President's Fellowship Selection Committee select the 3 Chubb Postgraduate Fellows.


For further specifications and information about the Fellowship please see below: 


To apply click here:

  • 1 - Click Applicants

  • 2 - Create a New Account

  • 3 - Click Scholarship Applications

  • 4 - Click the New tab

  • 5 - Select Chubb Fellowship Application (current year)


Who is eligible to apply for the Alumni Fellowship?

All Academy alumni who have not received a fellowship and have been out of school for one academic year or more are eligible to apply.

If I was one of the six finalists for the Fellowship when I was a student, but I was not named a Fellow, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, if you were a finalist but were not awarded the fellowship, you are eligible to apply.

If I already have gallery representation, am I eligible to apply?

Yes. However, Alumni with gallery representation must, as part of their Fellowship contract and commitment to the Academy, have work created during the Fellowship available for purchase through the Academy at the Fellowship Exhibition.

If I live outside of New York, am I eligible to apply?


Is there a travel stipend for me to move if I live outside of New York?

There is not a separate travel stipend for alumni looking to relocate to New York.

Is a studio visit required in the application process?

Yes, a studio visit is required. The visit can be in-person or virtual.

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline for alumni applications is April 30th.

When does the Fellowship start?

The fellowship begins August 31st and runs through July 31st.

Who makes the selection?

The Faculty Committee make the first selections and The President’s Committee make the final selections.

Are there finalists for the Alumni Fellow?  How many finalists will there be?

Yes, there are three finalists for the Alumni Fellowship.

Is there a teaching commitment?

Yes, there is a teaching assistantship commitment in the fall and spring semesters. Fellows can request to assist MFA Master Classes.

What is the daily/hourly commitment in the studio?

There is no precise hourly commitment, but there is an expectation of a daily commitment.

If I already have a studio in NYC, can I keep it during the fellowship?

Yes, but the primary studio will be the Academy studio.

Is there assistance looking for housing/employment?

Yes, for employment and housing referrals alumni can contact the Student Services department and Alumni Ambassador Michael Smith.

Is this an in-person fellowship?

Yes, this is offered only as an in-person fellowship and studio residency.

Is there a stipend?

There was a stipend of $10,000 for the 2022-2023 year, paid on a monthly basis.

Updated: 2024

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