Post-Graduate Teaching Assistants 

To Apply as a Fall 2022 PGTA: 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (past PGTAs must submit updated materials):

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted VIA EMAIL to


1.       Cover Letter, listing preferred area of study, days of availability, and specific class requests

2.       Resume

3.       5 images of your work in jpeg format

4.       Statement of Teaching Philosophy



o  Fall 2022 Class Schedule

o  Fall 2022 MFA Class List

o  Fall 2022 CFA Class List



The Post-graduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA) program provides Academy alumni with the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience at the graduate level.  In turn, Academy instructors are provided with a teaching assistant to support the tutorial component of the curriculum and the operations of the classroom.  All alumni are invited to submit applications to the program. Alumni will be matched with Academy instructors, based on the application, experience in a particular discipline and other considerations. All accepted PGTAs are awarded a $1000 research grant for their assistance upon conclusion of the semester.



The PGTA’s core responsibility is to assist the primary instructor through the reinforcement of material covered during studio sessions. PGTA’s assigned to classes with a studio session are required to be present at this session. Volunteer Responsibilities include:

·         Taking attendance at instructed, uninstructed and makeup class sessions. Presence during uninstructed studio sessions is required. 

·         Conducting research and gathering materials as assigned by Instructor.

·         Management of props, including the checking out, setup, cleanup and storage of props and lighting.

·         Pre-class and post-class set-up/take down including easel, stool, and taboret placement and return. This requires arriving to class early and staying after in upwards of 30-45 minutes. 

·         Overall class management – including timing of models and working as an intermediary between the class, instructor and model(s).

·         Please note the importance of this for all online and hybrid classes. PGTA’s are expected to manage computer equipment and Zoom meetings for faculty

·         Maintain a safe, punctual and efficient work environment.

·         Contributing to discussions and critiques in tandem with instructor.


Please note that additional services will vary according to the demands of individual instructors and the curriculum. PGTAs will not participate in student assessment or grading which is the sole responsibility of the instructor.  All Alumnus/Alumna of the Academy may apply for a position as a Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant. PGTAs may not apply for or be assigned to classes in which they may have a conflict of interest. PGTAs must participate in Title IX and other sensitivity training. PGTA candidates, or instructors interested in working with a specific individual, may present their request to the Director of Students Services. Fellows are required to participate in a tutorial or assistant capacity within the guidelines of their Fellowship award. The PGTA program offers volunteer positions only.