Join date: Oct 13, 2021


I love capturing a moment in time; whether it's a person, a place or an event, there is nothing like painting live or "En Plain Air."

I spent the summer of 2021 painting outside Citi Field in Queens where the Mets play. The energy and excitement that exists before each game seems to make its way into my paintings. Having grown up with four brothers and no sisters I have always loved sports and in particular baseball and college football.

I am also known as the "Donut Painter," in some circles. The best donuts to paint are the ones with lots of frosting. I have been painting food and desserts for over 20 years. It began in Martha Earlbacher's class where she taught me how to paint food. This helped my art evolve and I eventually licensed my artwork.

My work has been reproduced on products found in retail stores. In the 2000's my wine painting, "Ripe from the Vine," made me the number one selling artist at

Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things, and other retail stores.

Did you have an oven mit or tea towel with a glass of wine and grapes on it?

I am looking forward to painting more of the above and any new painting challenges that present itself.