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The Alumni Association of the New York Academy of Art offers a RESIDENCY at Fieldstones to one Academy alum artist each year. We are pleased to share with you our Artists-In-Residence: 
2024 Fieldstones Artist-In-Residence ANGELA GRAM (MFA 2012)
2022 Fieldstones Artist-In-Residence LIZA SOKOLOVSKAYA (MFA 2018)
There is something particularly special when you get to enjoy nature uninterrupted. A multitude of shades of green that change with the light, clouds rolling above you, deer, chipmunks, woodpeckers hiding around, and skies sparkling with stars. For the time of the residency there is a new routine: a favourite spot for reading, find different areas that light up throughout the day as the sun moves, you discover when the swimming hole at its warmest. My time at Fieldstones was spent basking in this slow rhythm and painting the beautiful surroundings. It allowed me to relax body and mind, but work extra hard on capturing landscapes in oil as the light changed. This residency is such a gift, spending time with nature and work lets you soak it all up for later to last you long into the realities of big city life.

- Liza Sokolovskaya, MFA 2018; Fieldstones AIR 2022
FieldstonesResidency_LizaSokolovskaya (7).jpeg

2021 Fieldstones Artist-In-Residence IVY HICKAM (MFA 2013)
In my time spent at Fieldstones I saw summer turn into autumn. My easel set up near an old stone wall, I tried to befriend scolding chipmunks as they gathered nuts before winter, their life depending on it. I was painting like my life depended on it.  After a year of unchosen solitude and just getting through the day. Getting through the day at Fieldstones meant meditating on dappled sunlight, listening to the wind sing in tall pines, looking for a woodpecker hunting bugs, laughing at the surprise thud of a treefrog falling on my paint box, running my hand through tall grasses, dipping in the icy creek waters, watching treetops fade in the purple dusk into stars, startling deer in the mist over my morning coffee. And discovering a potential painting around every bend and having to choose where to focus for a few hours because everything is so unbelievably alive and changing, humming, breathing. Unplugged, no news from the outside, just thinking in shape, color, and composition. After more than a year of waiting for the world to be alive again, there were so many trees to paint, and I felt cathartic joy.      

- Ivy Hickam, MFA 2013; Fieldstones AIR 2021


2018 Fieldstones Artist-In-Residence ZANE YORK (MFA 2003)
The residency at Fieldstones offered many things I, and most artists, sorely need: a shift in context, a solitary commune, earth, air, flora, and fauna. The chance to walk the fields and forest and to wade the stream are recuperative. Painting en plein air offers a peaceful solemnity; but the nights in the studio barn offered me even more. The solitary light on the canvas giving focus while the sounds of the natural world engulf your periphery - the wind through the trees, the deer rustling in the high grass, the rain on leaves, and a coyote’s howl.  My memory of Fieldstones is enchanted and I am very thankful for the experience.   

- Zane York, MFA 2003; Fieldstones AIR 2018

Fieldstones_Lebofsky (3).jpg

2017 Fieldstones Artist-In-Residence LISA LEBOFSKY (MFA 2006)
Fieldstones_Lebofsky (10)a.jpg
Fieldstones is a unique and special residency. The acres of farmland, woods, and creek allowed for a streamlined existence of reveling in nature with pure art making. There was no shortage of time, beauty, inspiration, and solitude. The setting provided not just physical space, but mental space. This afforded artistic and personal growth through freedom of experimentation, no pressures from day-to-day needs or deadlines, and the pared-down enjoyment of the invigoration nature offers.     

- Lisa Lebofsky, MFA 2006; Fieldstones AIR 2017

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