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The Alumni Association of the New York Academy of Art is excited to partner with Powerhouse Arts (PHA) in Brooklyn, NY for a collaborative exhibition, POWER DYNAMICS, curated by PHA President Eric Shiner. 

Power inspires and fuels the world, just as it subverts and poisons in equal measure. It is perhaps one of the great juxtapositions of humanity: when used for good, it brings joy and benevolence; yet when used with nefarious intentions, it delivers wrath and destruction. Artists have heralded and critiqued power for all time, examining all of its many nuances and forms across all media through all possible readings of the term. For this inaugural collaboration to be held at Powerhouse Arts, a former power plant in the historic industrial hub of Gowanus, Brooklyn, we encourage artists to think about what power means to them today. 


There is no fee to apply to this exhibition. 


  • This exhibition is curated by PHA President Eric Shiner.

  • Curatorial preference may be given to artworks that have been created exclusively for this theme. 

  • This exhibition application is open to all alumni of the Academy's CFA and MFA programs, graduating before June 2024. 

  • Accepted Works: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures

  • Entries must be original to entrant 

  • All works (exempting freestanding sculptures) must arrive ready to hang. Any work deemed unhangable may not be exhibited. 

  • Sculptural works should arrive with their own pedestal (there may be a limited number of pedestals, not guaranteed). 


  • Works are insured while in the possession of Powerhouse Arts. 

  • Artists are responsible for the delivery and pickup of the accepted works to and from the venue: Powerhouse Arts, 322 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. 


  • Artwork does not need to be for sale, but can be. 



  • Submit up to 3 images using the "Apply Now" link

  • File size: 72 dpi, 1200 pixels on the longest side.

  • Images must be titled as follows* lastname_firstname_title_medium_size_price (or write NFS) 

    • It's important to title the jpg's with all of the correct info - double check! 

  • If artworks are ACCEPTED, AANYAA will request higher resolution images 

Application Deadline: June 30th, 2024


Artists will be notified of acceptance via email in late July/August 2024. 


The exhibition will take place in October 2024. Accepted artists will be notified with exact details about exhibition dates and times. 

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Powerhouse Arts envisions a society in which creative expression is celebrated and supported as central to personal and civic development.


Their vision for impact is rooted in:

People as an infinite spring of creativity: In shared spaces of exploration, communities imagine new realities for themselves and their neighbors. Powerhouse collaborates with individuals and organizations to support the creative lives of New Yorkers.


Making as a collective practice of possibility: When we make, we experiment, explore, expand, and evolve. Making is a process of dreaming of new possibilities for ourselves and our communities, thus, igniting potential transformation.


Social justice as a practice of Powerhouse Arts: Culture thrives where justice flourishes. As a creative hive, we foster an environment where people feel inspired and empowered to explore and create within and beyond the walls of Powerhouse.


Powerhouse Arts' in-house production facilities and expert fabrication teams help artists produce work in a safe environment, in a more cost effective and collaborative way than typical studio buildings can accommodate.

Community Ceramics Studio

Powerhouse Arts' ceramics membership program offers artists access to workspace, materials, equipment not accessible elsewhere, and professional assistance.

Community Engagement & Partnerships

Powerhouse Arts actively engages the imaginations of our neighbors in developing public programs that support the creative lives and vitality of our communities.

Space Hosting

Powerhouse Arts invites mission- and values-aligned artists and organizations to partner in activating the building, and our Private Event and Corporate Rental program supports our mission of fostering creative expression.

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