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Allison Riback

Allison Riback



The environments we grow up in shape us into the people we are today and will be tomorrow. No matter how we define “home”, these environments bring us personal growth and further along on our journey to inner wholeness. It is the connection I have to my home that inspires my creative expression. I feel this connection through nature, music, and the memories I have made growing up in a small town in Northwestern Connecticut.


The drawings and paintings I make are inspired by the environment I grew up in and the elements of it that shaped me. The imagery in my work, from pastures of cows to detailed chrome sections of Harley Davidson motorcycles, makes up special memories that I can return to no matter where I am and feel connected to my roots. In each motorcycle painting, I use the body of the vehicle as a mirror. Looking closely to each piece, a self portrait is reflected multiple times to the viewer along with the environment. I use the motorcycle in my paintings to symbolize another part of what defines me as a person. Feeling down to earth and grounded in my roots, but completely alive and exhilarated is a duality perfectly paired.


The work I create is autobiographical. It is an honest look into the exploration of my home and what it means to me. Americana, through the lens of a young woman grounded in her environment and personal experience. Through the imagery of rural Connecticut, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and inspiration from the music of the Grateful Dead, I paint what is true to me.

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