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Anne Herrero

Anne Herrero



My drawings and paintings include still lives, portraits, landscapes, and figures. I am interested in creating timeless and universal images. My work is novelistic—I treat my figures as characters, draw on myths and shared stories to inform still lives, and create scenes in landscapes. I try to consume culture with intention and find books and music a well source of content. Sometimes I directly illustrate lyrics from songs; other times, I have a book in mind as I go about my daily life until I come across something that resonates with the feeling of the story.

I generally paint from life, imagination, and photograph. I often build maquettes and have elaborate studio set ups that involve mannequins and multiple lighting scenarios. Working in this manner is interesting to me and can lead to images that have an eerie quality where something seems not-quite-right. Using multiple sources allows me to maintain a curiosity that keeps me interested in the image.

It is important to me to make paintings and drawings that are earnest. I like paintings that give me a sense of comfort by revealing something about what it means to be human. For me, this is an ultimate goal and at the heart of why I draw and paint.

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