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Asem Ahmed

Asem Ahmed



Contemporary Realism Artist and Educator

Asem Moustafa Ahmed is a renowned artist and dedicated teacher specializing in the captivating genre of Contemporary Realism. Born in Marrakesh, Morocco in 1991, he relocated to the United States in 2000, where he embarked on a journey of artistic excellence.

Asem's pursuit of artistic mastery began at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 2009 to 2010. He honed his skills and expanded his creative horizons while pursuing a B.F.A at the esteemed New Jersey City University from 2011 to 2014. With an unyielding commitment to artistic growth, Asem then pursued an M.F.A at the New York Academy of Art, graduating at 2022, further refining his craft and deepening his understanding of the art world.

Currently, Asem is a teaching assistant to  Randolph L. Mclver at the New York Academy of Art.

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