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Born in Georgetown, D.C. in 1992, Darryl Babatunde Smith started making art as a way of interpreting foreign languages as opposed to translating them in English. He studied French, German, and Latin in high school and later began to learn Ancient and Modern Greek on his own. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he completed his BFA in Painting, and at the New York Academy of Art where he obtained his MFA in Drawing an Anatomy. Through Darryl's knowledge of Latin and Greek he immerses himself in antiquity. Darryl uses Greco-Roman symbols and traditional Renaissance techniques such as silverpoint drawing and egg tempera painting to connect personal narratives with Greco-Roman ideologies and philosophies.


Darryl's drawings have been featured in Fine Arts Connoisseur's website and in Artists on Art's digital magazine. His work has been exhibited in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Hillsdale, MIchigan; Reykjavík, Iceland and New York City. In the past two years he has been awarded three residences in Iceland, Italy, and Greece, where he created work inspired by the landscape and ancient artifacts. Recently his metalpoint and egg tempera works have been exhibited in Assisi, Italy and Athens, Greece.

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