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Dayana Beisenova

Dayana Beisenova



Dayana Beisenova is an artist born in Kazakhstan in 1991. Dayana acquired her Masters in Fine Art at New York Academy of Art and her Bachelor degree in Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art in London.

She was drawing and painting all her life, the main idea of her Art is to understand the principles of how human mind works, the surprising tricks that our subconscious plays on us; like memories, that are triggered at certain moments, by certain objects, at certain time.

Our life is a puzzle, exploration of this puzzle in a visual form is what drives Dayana's art.


In my oil paintings, I embark on a captivating journey of artistic exploration, delving into the profound complexities of the human mind through the lens of the Rorschach test. Inspired by the subconscious and its enigmatic shapes, my work becomes a vibrant tapestry of psychological inquiry.

Through meticulous color choices, evocative shapes, and deliberate brushstrokes, I strive to unravel the unspoken connections between our environment, emotions, and creative expression.

These abstract creations serve as portals to the hidden recesses of the psyche, inviting viewers to engage in a profound introspection of their own.

My art becomes a mirror, reflecting the intricacies of the human experience, ultimately inviting a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

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