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The purpose and theme pursued by my work is not only to show the aesthetic beauty and mystery of the human body, but also to evoke and realize the humanity that is latent within us by communicating with the audience the agony and ecstasy that we humans experience within the human body. Additionally, my work contains a philosophical message that seeks to explore the origin and existence of humanity. In other words, it is the artist's narrative and struggle to achieve subjective reflection and aesthetic insight on the subject of humanity.


My artistic creative ability lies in highly skillful figurative oil painting. I meticulously build up the texture of oil paint to create sculptures that are both three-dimensional and vibrant. This unique technique combines the luminous beauty of oil paint with the weight and form of sculpture, surpassing the limits of traditional impasto techniques used by old masters. The will to overcome the limitations of oil painting and complete a great work is very similar to the artist's will to realize humanity through art. My method, which I call "Pure Chunks of Sculpting Oil Painting," requires a significant investment of time and effort, resulting in artworks that are deeply textured and visually compelling. It is based on the sculpture and architecture of the oil painting technique in order to convey the audience's understanding, emotion, and mystery by giving the work completeness and depth. Layers of oil painting are piled up one by one to give the audience a sense of weight and authenticity to the work, and by using a palette knife, the roughly divided surface of the human body is connected like a bridge to form one big shape, giving the audience a natural flow. This is because we all have that flow of energy.

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