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Jacqueline Jacqueline White

Jacqueline Jacqueline White



White’s figurative paintings depict and often challenge societal ideals expected of her as a young gay woman, an emerging artist, and a budding feminist. In her often sardonic portraits, the figure playfully teases or mocks the role put out for them. Whether that be through anthropomorphized animals and objects or a warped scene, nothing is meant to be taken quite literally while also outlining a very literal and serious situation. Her images display the intricacies of social stereotypes of women with a twist of humor and irony. Often these works feature a cartoon character representing America’s omnipresent masculinity. Images flash across the painting in a swirl of internet culture and feminist ideas of women’s bodies in a sense of jumbled synchronisity. Multiple mediums are used, some rather unconventional like faux fur, string, or a cigarette butt. The addition of these sculptural elements permeate the space as no longer a flat representation to be looked upon, but rather a tangible object entering into the viewer's world, mirroring the often unspoken rules and prejudices that need to be thrust at the viewer in order to be seen. An open invitation, White lures the viewer in to explore moments in life they as a womxn may have uncannily and unfairly experienced.

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