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Lauren  Woods

Lauren Woods



Lauren Woods is an artist whose practice and creative research explore the concept of mythic time. Artworks become a space to examine notions of nostalgia, desire, power, beauty, death, and embodied expression. Personal myth is developed visually across various mediums such as painting, video, and dance performances.


Born in Mobile, Alabama, Lauren received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art after completing her BA in studio art at Spring Hill College. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art in the Department of Art & Art History at Auburn University, where she teaches figure drawing and painting.


Lauren has shown work regionally at the Huntsville Museum of Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art, and the Gadsden Museum of Art and exhibited nationally in galleries across the US. Her most recent projects combine her experience as a former ballet dancer with her current painting practice. Currently, she collaborates with choreographers and musicians to develop immersive art experiences. Most recently, she has worked in partnership with Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre under the direction of Billy Blanken and 10K Productions for the visual art direction of three live multimedia dance performances: Body Tides, Sheep Meadow Season II, and Sheep Meadow Season III: The Sleeping Beauty, performed through Culture Lab LIC at the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, NY.

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