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Lauren Amalia Redding

Lauren Amalia Redding



Born in Naples, Florida in 1987, I relocated back to the Gulf Coast in 2018 to live and work in Naples with my husband, the sculptor Brett F. Harvey. I began my education at Northwestern University, initially studying history and political theory. I enrolled in a painting class as an elective, having never received formal art instruction before college, and matriculated as an art major not long after.


After graduating from Northwestern, I enrolled at the New York Academy of Art to obtain my Masters of Fine Arts degree. At the Academy, I studied under notable artists such as Steven Assael, Lisa Bartolozzi, Noah Buchanan, Harvey Citron, Edward Schmidt, and Dan Thompson. I was introduced to the medium of silverpoint towards the end of my second year and have been primarily utilizing it since.


An informal, albeit integral, component of my art education was the couple years I spent working as a security officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Countless hours spent amongst one of the world's most encyclopedic and beloved art collections trickled into my own studio practice, manifesting itself in subtle influences and inspirations.


A parallel-yet-intertwined endeavor has emerged: that of writing. Though I primarily contribute art criticism, the publication of my writing across various platforms ranging from poetry to small-space living allows me to use words to depict images and ideas. It feels very much like my self-expression coming full circle, as I wrote in earnest years before I ever began to draw in earnest. I guess both drawing and writing are all about lines.


I lived and worked in Queens, New York for seven years following graduate school. In 2018, my husband and I co-founded H&R Studio in Naples, where we both produce artwork, lead programs, and teach privately. I feel that I inhabit the best of both worlds: while technology allows me to maintain close ties to our community in New York City, I also revel in the new growth—and all its inherent potential—of my immediate subtropical environment.


Artist Statement


Within my art practice, I draw upon two dominant influences: meticulous draftsmanship and the impetus of the individual. I primarily utilize the anachronistic medium of silverpoint, drawing with a piece of silver or gold to create intricate, highly technical works that, true to their metallic origins, possess a reflective, tangible quality which echoes overarching narratives both private and universal. The medium mirrors the armor and evolution of the subject. I depict those who, with nuance and conviction, traverse monumental chasms into the fleeting unknown—those who seek both autonomy and refuge in new frontiers.



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