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Lia Ali

Lia Ali



Artist statement

I often paint my portraits or flowers or abstract flowing colors. I work with oil and acrylic paints, resin and plaster . It’s something so perfect and satisfying to paint the women's sensational beauty or just an abstract artwork .The subject of my paintings always complemented by flowers or simple backgrounds. I find the peace in my day , painting what i feel the most.

A quiet world, where there is only peace and unity . Every brushstroke is part of my experience of the searching of this different universe .The deep nuances, merging without boundaries remind me the inner freedom I’m trying to achieve. And the balance and synchronicity depicting the divine and mysterious

Bio Lia Ali

Lia Ali is an artist born in Bulgaria and based in New York . She studied murals major in the National Academy of arts and Painting in New York Academy of Art. Her art is in multiple collections in Europe and in the States. She works with murals, abstract artwork and realistic paintings.

Lia had award from the American Art award in 2015.

Her work was displayed in Flowers Gallery, Dacia gallery, Wilkinson Hall, Salmagundi club, Gallery 104, Plaxall Gallery, murals in Cedars Sinai Medical center, Sokka Gokkai, Paramount theatre. Hew recent murals can be viewed in a multiple restaurants, hotels and residential spaces in Long Island, Miami and New York.

She is currently working on realistic and abstract paintings and murals in New York , LA and Miami.

Her inspiration is from the nature and music. She quotes the artist Claude Monet- “I would like to paint the way a bird sings.”

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