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Lingbo Zhu

Lingbo Zhu



The motivation behind my creation is an urge to express concepts and ideas of ambiguity. There are things that I believe are unable to be delivered using language or any linguistic form. Thus art as another platform of communication becomes the best solution.

On the other hand, what I want to express is not my priority. The most important theme in my works is the idea of "being absent". Art is the “third person” I create that can speak for me. It is the thing I peel off from my ego and cover with a facade; it is my shield with my vulnerability held safely inside. It is unavoidable that I project my life experience into my work, but it is not my intention to sell my traumas to the audience.

My wish to be absent leads to my preference for small-scale works. Small does not ask for attention and is easily ignored by most people. It is a safe place for me to hide. The smaller the work is, the more sincere I feel. The big painting seems always much more general and comprehensible, as a footnote or cover-up to small ones.

What I want to leave for my audience is always the beauty, regardless of whether it grows from mud and dust. Any struggle behind it is unnecessary for people to know, for the shape of misery may vary, but the shape of happiness is always the same.

I do not seek feedback from the audience. My need for communion has been fulfilled during my creation. The finished work is the echo of my voice, it is also a glance to a much bigger and wider physical world.

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