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Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson



When did you last feel inspired?

You stopped. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Maybe you let out a quiet exhalation of amazement or laughed aloud. Maybe you cried tears of joy, or breathed a sigh of relief.


Those moments are gifts. They come upon us unexpectedly, delivering joy, catharsis, and wonder.


Creating them has been my life's work.


Growing up, I was surrounded by art.

As the child of two artists, statues and reliefs adorned my house, becoming inspiration for imaginary landscapes and stories as I played. The sculpture studio where my father worked felt like stepping into another world, full of wonderment and excitement as I walked past mesmerizing works in progress.


I devoured every opportunity to learn and immerse myself in the world of art.This sense of awe carried through to adulthood. As I explored my own artistic nature, I learned how to shape, mold, and create. I sought out inspiration through experience, from living and teaching in Japan to enjoying the ever-changing atmosphere of Walden Pond, just a few minutes from my front door. I became a professional sculptor and writer, using visual and written narratives to explore stories and recreate wonder.


I'm Lisa Benson, and I'm here to guide you to your own moments of awe.

My mediums are clay, plaster and words.


As a professional sculptor, I explore the possibilities found in the smallest of moments. I mold and craft scenes imaginary and real, designed to transport you to new worlds and reimagine familiar ideas.


Through writing, I invite readers to deeply inspect who they are and how they define themselves. After being diagnosed with migraine, I experienced the wonder of knowing that my symptoms could be named and my journey shared. I began writing articles to help others with migraine realize that they are not alone. From there my writing projects branched outward, touching on a variety of passions and being featured in news outlets like WGBH.


Let’s find wonder together.

Moments that take your breath away are everywhere, in everything. The search for them is an ongoing voyage — one on which I hope you will join me.Professional bio:

Lisa Benson is a professional sculptor and writer who fuels her artistic fire through travel, personal development, and diving into her favorite books and podcasts. Through her writing and art, she seeks to inspire and educate others. Lisa lives in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a sculptor for Skylight Studios and manager for the Caproni Collection, both family owned, and is a regular contributor to


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