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Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds



My images, my world. Simply stated, my work is about the possibility of recreating real experience in physical terms. I create something more than a photograph can do. Technical mastery is an important factor in my world. The ideas contained in the pictures are what matters most. I have a traditional background but I do not have a set concept of how I work. I use oil paint, watercolors, acrylic paint and sometimes a simple pencil to stir the viewers imagination. I have a deep understanding of material in order to solve the problem.

I use a wide range of subjects from Old Masters’ techniques and theories to philosophy, literature, and nature. While these inquiries may not have been as methodical as investigations on a single topic, I have succeeded in channeling them into a comprehensive body of knowledge that is reflected in my art.

I keep a personal romantic connection to my work. My images are a visual journal of a time in our life that is sometimes long gone.

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