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Theresa Kasun

Theresa Kasun



I love capturing a moment in time; whether it's a person, a place or an event, there is nothing like painting live or "En Plain Air."

In November of 2020, during the pandemic when questions about the future loomed large, I clung tightly to what has always been a steady and consistant part of my life - painting!


I decided to combine my love of baseball and en plain air painting by going down to Citi Field stadium in Queens, NY. There I walked onto the grounds, set up my easel and began my first painting of this iconic baseball stadium. The energy and excitement that exists before and during each game seems to make its way into my paintings. I've been painting at home games ever since.


I'm also known as the "Donut Painter," in some circles.

Back in 1992, when I was in Martha Earlbacher's painting class, I learned how to paint food in the style of the Renaissance masters.

This, combined with my French Impressionist training from my undergraduate school, is what has influence and formed me as a painter.

During the decade of the 2000's, my still life paintings were reproduced on textile products that were then sold at retail stores throughout the US. One painting in particular, a wine painting called, "Ripe from the Vine," became the number one selling textile product at Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things, and other retail stores.


Another aspect of my life as a painter has been thirty plus years of holiday window painting in the New York City area. In 1992, the year I graduated from NYAA, was when it all began. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when my friend ripped off a cardboard santa head from the window, shamed the owner for having such cheap stuff taped up all over his shop and insisted that a real artist, me, paint Christmas on his windows. Currently, I am working on a coffee table book with over 30 years of photos and stories about all the places I've painted and a few stories about the people I've met.


At this time, I live about 50 miles outside the city in the state of Connecticut. To date, I attribute my greatest creations to my three young adult children. They have inspired me, motivated me, taught me the value of sacrifice and most importantly, they have taught me that the ultimate force in nature and highest goal in life is love.

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