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Yassi Deylami

Yassi Deylami



I explore stories of otherworldliness, challenging perceptions of time and space, and the construction of our individual realities. My work delves into understanding the emotional aspects often overlooked in today's logic-driven society. Emphasizing intuition, I aim to reconnect to the body by working with various scales of drawing. The smaller prints allow freedom of expression and mark-making for a deeper emotional experience. The larger pieces are a dance to create, the movement and ritual being a part of the performance. They tell stories with glimpses of hope, the move towards enlightenment, and the chaos of a beautifully ugly life in between.


I begin my artistic process with transcribing master prints, then introduce Iranian characters drawing from mythology and the Shahnameh/Book of Kings. As I progress, these characters develop unique personalities, gradually becoming my alter egos. They in turn evolve and inspire the larger works, continuing to form a broader narrative within my drawings.


Among them, I see the figure of a woman with the body of a winged horse as my persona more than the others. Something about the different representations of horses in real life, especially in Iranian art. My favorites are the devils. When I began creating them, they came through as dancers simply existing, also very Iranian. Though the Western myths are about releasing demons and drilling into your skull to free them, my unconscious can see their freedom to dance. In my mind, through the process of printing, they break away from the cultural and social expectations that in reality have suppressed my true self. By letting them truly free I may just become me. Rewriting my story.

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