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Call to Academy Alumni & Staff Present at NYAA During 9/11

An Invitation to Participate in
"Marks Left Behind: NYAA Recollections, Connections, and the Impact of 9/11."


​If you’re an alum or staff member who was present at the Academy during 9/11/01 (as well as the months following), we respectfully ask you to consider participating in an audio and visual project co-curated by fellow graduates Sharon Thomas ‘04 and Dana Lee ‘03.

The Project: ‘Marks Left Behind’ will be a living archive recognizing the events of 9/11 and its effects upon alumni and staff during that period. The project will live on the Alumni Association Website, with potential for associated in person exhibitions and publications. 


This is an opportunity for alumni to re-connect or make new connections while telling personal stories of the intense aftermath of 9/11, and will act as a healing and bonding project celebrating the strong family that is NYAA.


The project is a collection of and presentation of artwork, writing, photos, and online interviews of many stories never told from that period.

Work created during this period or later as a response to those events will be invited to be exhibited online, and possibly presented as a limited-edition publication, curated by Thomas and Lee. This project involves both students and staff based at NYAA during that time.


For more information and to participate, please visit: 

Or email:

The call is ongoing, however, if you wish to participate in the first live panel discussion on September 11, 2021, please respond by September 3, 2021.



  • September 11, 2021, the exhibition portal site will go live. 


The show will consist of student profiles (set as a gallery wall) of individual pages which will contain their unique artifacts/art works/video interviews. At the outset the site will be small, as it will become a living archive that gradually develops.


  • The “opening” (symposium / panel discussion) will take place: 9/11/2021 (Saturday) at 1pm EST (6pm GMT), 10am (west coast). This online Zoom event involving a panel of 1 instructor and 2-3 alumni will be chaired by Alumni Association Vice President, Carlos Bautista and be moderated by Sharon Thomas and Dana Lee.  Symposium length: 2 hours approx. This event will focus on a few stories and involved discussion between the panel. This would be a live event to watch, with possibly of a few questions for viewers at the end. This is a starter event in order to inspire responses/ideas to create work, show unseen work/writings etc, or promote more recorded interviews that can be collected.


  • This project is a work in progress with data added and filtered gradually over the course of the year.


  • 9/11/2022: Publication and/or in-person exhibition. Details forthcoming. 

We would like to hear from you.

Thanks for contacting us!

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