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A Bit of Relief: I Forgive You, New York | The Daily

For anyone yearning for New York City: a columnist for The Times reflects on living in a ghostly version of New York, the city with a “hum that never ceases — until it did.” He yearns for the subway soliloquies, wandering tourists, overcrowded sidewalks and stenches.


Have you Made Some Pandemic Decisions About Your Student Loans Yet?

Listen to this, it may help you decide whether to pause them or keep shelling it out...


Academy Board member + Academy artists in Galerie Magazine

Academy Board member Ippolita Rostagno was profiled in Galerie Magazine Galerie Magazine and discussed her relationship with the Academy, showing off her collection of Academy artists. In her studio, she has artworks on view from Academy artists including Zoe Papini MFA 2019, Jake Hayes MFA 2014, Theresa Kasun MFA 1992, Esteban Ocampo MFA 2015, and Gary Murphy MFA 2012, which you can see below.

“I’m on the board of the New York Academy of Art and am a big believer that art matters. So I have artwork from students there throughout my house, and I never stop acquiring more. There are paintings that are waiting to be hung somewhere, including a portrait of my nephew that my niece did. Being surrounded by these works brings so much to my creativity.”


On Art and the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Michael Lobel looks deep into the debate over who the true author was of the radical 1917 work Fountain, and why the 1918 flu pandemic pay have kept them a secret...


Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution

Tourism Flanders filmed a guided tour of the exhibition for the series “The Stay At Home Museum”. Till-Holger Borchert, Director Museums Bruges and one of the curators of “Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution”, takes you through the galleries.



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